About Robert


My name is Robert Kellar and I live in Washington, DC. I’ve worked in communications and politics since 2001 and after 12 years, six states, four years in Congress, as well as a recent brief stint in the private sector, I’ve got a pretty good grip on what is important and what other people want you to believe is important. My philosophy is driven by a belief that the world is better today than it was yesterday, vigorous debate is a good thing, there is such a thing as a bad idea, and logic and rational thinking are far too uncommon. I’m a diehard San Francisco Bay Area sports fan (Giants, Warriors, 49ers), a music addict, movie snob, wish I was talented and funny enough to be a stand-up comic, and prone to anger at the lack of actual reporting and logic in the media. I’m a Democrat but as Chris Rock said, “I got some shit I’m liberal about and I’ve got some shit I’m conservative about. Anybody who makes up their mind before they’ve heard the issue is a fuckin’ fool.”


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