Welcome to the new era of commercials and where we go from here

I’m fascinated by the changes in advertising over the last 10-15 years.

People say all the time they hate commercials, but man they’re getting good. VCR‘s made it easier to skip them, but the machines were cumbersome and inaccurate. Then along came DVR‘s and no one was watching ads anymore. Advertisers quickly realized their captive audience was gone and to reel the audience back in, ads had to be as entertaining as the programing (think Superbowl ads). Then along comes the internet explosion and marketers realized that if done right, their ads could become viral.

This is all a lead up to this amazing ad that is making the rounds right now from K-Mart:

This new paradigm also means that advertisers have been able to break out of 30-60 second framework, as was the case in this moving Expedia ad:

At first blush, many ads don’t seem to have much in common with their product, as is the case with this Evian spot (Live young, really?):

Finally, this isn’t an ad, but I think it gives you a good idea where the ad artform is going. Grab people’s attention, entertain them, and get them to share it. This video has been viewed over 11 million times despite running over 4 minutes. It is inventive, got a decent jam, and is damn fun to watch (Warning: at points it is graphic and violent):


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