Give me the championship or the couch gets it and other lessons learned at college

Win or lose, would college students and drunk sports fans stop burning things and destroying property already. On this morning’s was this headline:

Several fires set in Ann Arbor after Michigan Wolverines lose NCAA championship to Louisville

Late at night, after all the beer is gone and the game is over, it might seem fun to burn the couch your parents bought you. But be warned that along with that hangover the next morning will be the regret you feel from destroying the one thing in your living room you could have sat on.

The sad thing is if Michigan would have won things may have been worse. As Christina said (born and raised in Ann Arbor so consider the source), those kids were just channeling their inner Michigan State. You can read all about that schools god awful reaction to college basketball here.

In all seriousness, any student found to have been participating in acts of vandalism and violence should be immediately suspended from school and made to perform hundreds of hours of community service to once again earn admission.  It would be easy to kick them out, however, I believe in second chances and if there is a way they can learn from their mistakes, I’m all for it.


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