Life hack, what scrubbing your shower and dentures have in common

Growing up there was always a toothbrush in our cleaning bucket. My mom didn’t explain its purpose, but once I started having to scrub the tub, shower and bathroom, I learned how useful it was.

For those who haven’t been properly educated, an old toothbrush makes a great tool for cleaning in between shower tiles or the small spots a larger brush just can’t reach.

Unfortunately toothbrushes, with their tiny, soft bristles and flexible heads, have limitations.

Our shower for example, the battlefield of a never ending war with mildew. Our building was constructed in the 1940’s (JFK lived here for a few months before entering the Navy) and doesn’t have proper ventilation, unless you count the small window which can’t be opened in the winter without making your morning shower pretty uncomfortable.

So the vertical spaces and where the tile meets the tub are really hard to clean and a toothbrush just wasn’t cutting it. But my friends I have stumbled upon the answer; a dentures brush!

With its sturdier bristles and inflexible head, the brush is perfect, as you can see below. It even has a smaller set of bristles at the head to help you clean around knobs and such. I came across them while cruising the aisles at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and instantly knew how I could use it.

You’re welcome.



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