A formal introduction to the Catterns

Most organizations and companies have interns, here at the offices of Kellar/Bledsoe we do as well. Our interns just happen to be cats.

Since they come up often I thought a formal introduction appropriate.

The Catterns, Sammy and Tanner

The Catterns, Sammy and Tanner

Sammy, the black and white on the left, AKA “Sir Purr-Alot” excels at sleeping on his back, taking long naps in his cat carrier, circling your chair and meowing, scarfing down food, and collating documents.

Tanner, on the right, AKA “King Cuddle Pants” is an expert at morning cuddles, entering and exiting boxes, tossing his synthetic feather, scratching anything and everything, and can make a mean cup of coffee.

Strange as it might sound, they are brothers. They are Main Coon’s with Sammy weighing in at 18 pounds and Tanner 15 (you can see the distinctive “M” in Tanner’s forehead).  They do a fantastic job of keeping spirits up around the home office but sure make it hard to type when they jump into your lap or invade your desk. We have tried to train them to answer the phones and wash dishes, but they just haven’t caught on yet.


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