Stupid is as stupid says, the life story of Louie Gohmert

It was always the highlight of my day when I worked in Congress to see Congressman Louie Gohmert walk to the microphone on the House floor. No matter how bad my day was, I could count on Rep. Gohmert to spew some of the craziest and most ignorant words ever and make me laugh out loud. People have been deeply dismayed and offended by things he has said, I’m too busy laughing because you just can’t take him seriously.

Well this week he’s stepped in it again. According to Right Wing Watch, Congressman Gohmert tried to talk about gun control and ended up linking it to marriage equality and bestiality  It was really a feat of linguistics and stupidity. You can listen to the audio here, but this is the relevant portion:

In fact, I had this discussion with some wonderful, caring Democrats earlier this week on the issue of, well, they said “surely you could agree to limit the number of rounds in a magazine, couldn’t you? How would that be problematic?”

And I pointed out, well, once you make it ten, then why would you draw the line at ten? What’s wrong with nine? Or eleven? And the problem is once you draw that limit ; it’s kind of like marriage when you say it’s not a man and a woman any more, then why not have three men and one woman, or four women and one man, or why not somebody has a love for an animal? 

There is no clear place to draw the line once you eliminate the traditional marriage and it’s the same once you start putting limits on what guns can be used, then it’s just really easy to have laws that make them all illegal.

This isn’t the first time that Rep. Gohmert has put these things together. Check out this floor rant from October of 2009:

This dumbass comment must now compete with Rep. Don Young’s meditation on outreach to the Latino community when he referred to field workers as “wetbacks”. Great job boys!


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