After 55 years in Major League Baseball, most of those as a broadcaster, Tim McCarver will leave the air after the 2013 World Series. From the Associated Press:

McCarver had been thinking about moving on for a couple of years. This winter, Fox executives visited him at his home in Florida to discuss extending his contract, which expired after the 2013 season.

They never even started negotiations. McCarver had already made up his mind.

He has worked 28 consecutive MLB postseasons on network television dating to 1984, providing analysis for a record 23 World Series.

I’m not going to disparage Tim as a person. However, he is a horrible broadcaster. Baseball fans have had to suffer his “analysis” for many years and I’m so relieved that he is leaving TV. His comments have always been less than insightful. He is consistently wrong describing pitches, his comments give no insight into the game and are usually made up of pre-written PR material handed to him by organizations. If you want to see and hear a great broadcaster, just listen to John Miller of the San Francisco Giants. Enough said.


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