Don’t believe what you read or hear

This morning comes a very sad story of the shooting deaths of 3 Marines in Quantico, Virginia. The Washington Post reports:

Two Marines were shot and killed Thursday at the Officer Candidate School at the Marine Corps Base Quantico, and the suspected shooter, also a Marine, fatally shot himself at the base, Marine Corps officials said.

The shooter gunned down a male Marine before seizing a female Marine and killing her, then himself, officials said.

I won’t comment on this story other than to say that if history is any guide what we learn in the first few days will probably turn out to be completely wrong or based on conjecture and not fact. That is the media we are forced to deal with today. They just can’t wait till investigations are complete and information analyzed. This is what happens after school shootings, school aged suicides, and many other media events.

So please, grieve for the families and honor those who lost their lives, but let’s keep the speculation and blame out of it for now. I’m talking to you media.


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