Shut up and put the damn phone away

Rolling Stone has an epic rant online on the 10 most annoying things people do at concerts. Their 10 are:

  1. Taking pictures the entire freaking show.
  2. Checking e-mail, Facebook and Twitter every couple of minutes.
  3. Incessantly talking to your friends.
  4. Yelling out requests.
  5. Yelling out “Freebird!”
  6. Pushing your way to the front.
  7. Getting so drunk you puke.
  8. Loudly complaining after the show because the band didn’t play your favorite song.
  9. Filming the entire show on your iPhone.
  10. Yelling “Sit down!” at people who are standing up.

It’s a good list but I think there are a few missing items.

1. The mosh pit scene is over. To all the angry young men, please stop running around in circles, acting tough and bumping into us. Besides, if the show is general admission, you fuckers are probably ruining the show for everyone around you.

2. If you feel the urge to scream during songs, don’t. I remember like it was yesterday the Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds show in Sacramento that was ruined by screaming girls. It was an acoustic show, requiring quite a bit of focused attention to appreciate what was being played but almost all I got to hear were the shrieks of pre-teen girl’s and 20 somethings. Dave Matthews even interrupted the show a few times and asked people to stop. They didn’t.

3. For the bands, realize we probably have the album. I’m so sick of bands who strive to play exactly what they recorded months before. You don’t have to do 10 minute guitar solo’s, but don’t be afraid to change the plot up a bit.

Below is a great example of many of these no-no’s.


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